Why Foodscaping

It surprises some people to learn that urban environments are perfect places to grow food. Urban areas contain all the necessary resources for food production such as water delivery systems, land space, abundant supplies at local nurseries and most of all cheap labor!

Walk outside and look around you. In most cities and towns you’ll see trees and plants growing everywhere. These trees and plants are receiving all they nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. Problem is most of these trees and plants don’t provide food the most important thing for human life. We think that’s unfortunate and mainly due to a way of thinking that’s neither practical or sustainable.

Hence the term Foodscaping, the conversion of conventional ornamental landscaping to food production in a manner that is attractive and functional. Because your home should be as beautiful as it is productive.

Foodscaping is more than gardening it’s about harnessing all available resources and space for growing plants that feed us and promote a healthy lifestyle. Does it really make sense to use precious resources like water and land to grow plants solely for aesthetic purposes? Why not have both a yard that is beautiful and produces food.

San Diego Foodscaping is dedicated to providing the products and services necessary to have a beautiful and productive yard.