About San Diego Foodscaping

Almost every day I take walks around my home town, San Diego California. It’s a lovely city that abounds with beautiful landscaping that thrives in the mild Mediterranean climate.

As I look across our cityscape and see all the lush greenery that has been so carefully planted and attended to, I can’t help but think: What if all those trees and plants produced food?

Conventional ornamental landscaping uses precious land, water and human resources without producing any food. And there is a myth that growing food in a residential yard or public space does not provide the aesthetic and practical qualities an ornamental landscape does. Afterall, nobody wants their yard or public libary to look like a farm right?

But who is say you can’t have both: an attractive yard or public space that produces food while providing necessities like shade and easy maintenance?

And that is what The Edible Landscaper is here for: to promote the idea that growing food can be a beautiful thing–literally.

We are regular people, not gardening gurus, who will present ideas through beautiful images and simple words. We believe starting is the hard part so we’ll focus on just what you need to begin and let you discover the rest. Because creativity just needs a little stimulation and knowledge grows with experience.

There are three of us: myself, my wife Francha and my mom Melanie. I am the dreamer who dreams of the day when all yards are growing food in a beautiful way. Francha is the artist and web expert who makes all our ideas look their best. And Melanie is the researcher, continually seeking new ideas and information to share with our audience.

Browse our pages, get some ideas, start planting. You will be gardening and creating in no time. Let us know if we can help.

John Rogers
The Edible Landscaper