San Diego Edible Landscaping, Organic Gardening, Urban Farming

Edible landscaping, organic gardening and urban farming have become part of the thread of life in San Diego. People are healthier and happier growing their own food. Transform your landscape into a “Foodscape” with a little help from San Diego Foodscaping.
Value-laden improvements like planter beds, green houses, raised beds, trellises, watering aids, water collection systems and composters can make gardens easy to manage as well as productive. Convert your outdoor and indoor living space into a food producing, life-sustaining system that is beautiful and functional.
With a few simple tips and suggestions, you can be growing food too. We will introduce gardening products and service to help make growing food easy and fun.

Growing food is a part of life”
“Food can be grown anywhere there is space, sunlight, and love.”
“Anyone can grow food.”


Convert your landscape to a Foodscape with our attractive and high-quality planter boxes hand-made with high-quality cedar or combination of solid woods.

Raised Bed Planter Boxes

Raised Bed Planter Boxes

We offer waist-high planter boxes that are perfect for decks and patios and reduce the strain of bending over to tend your garden.